Our Goal
Our aspiration is to provide every homeless shelter child an opportunity to celebrate their birthday just like one would with a normal family.

Our Process
Working with Vendors
  • We work with vendors who donate their goods, services or equivalent gift cards to homeless children.
  • Leveraging the variety of good or services from generous vendors, we create birthday packages consisting of single or multiple vendor donations. For example, a birthday can be a pizza party at Golf Land teeming with cake and balloons, creating the perfect birthday package to combat homelessness for a child!

Working with Shelters
  • We work with shelters who are eager to participate in the program for the benefit of children
  • Shelters register with our site and nominate a child for a chosen birthday package
  • We distribute the chosen birthday package to the registered shelter
  • Shelter manages the logistics of delivering the birthday package to child and family
  • Child at shelter leverages the birthday package to celebrate a special day with friends and family

What do Vendors and Shelters get in return?
  • A thank you note from the family to the vendor who made the child’s birthday special
  • Pictures shared from the birthday celebration
  • Vendor’s logo on our website with a link to their business