Tanvi Barman
9th Grade, Basis Independent School of Silicon Valley

The Organization
Why did I start this organization?
I have been going to homeless shelters since I was 7 years old and have been involved in various service activities to support homeless families. My joy in working service projects that helped homeless kids ​led to a curiosity one day when I asked my parents, “Why don’t these kids celebrate a birthday like all of us do?” The response was sad and simple--homeless children are raised in an environment of insecurity and instability, where parent(s) are struggling to make their ends meet and their priority is only centered on fulfilling basic needs. Celebrating their child’s birthday is a luxury they can not afford. Lack of special birthday celebrations for these under privileged children leads to further homelessness and uncertainty for them as they are deprived of the normal upbringing every child deserves. This sparked the idea to start the “No Birthday Left Behind” program with a goal to bring a smile to a homeless child every time.

My Mission:
My mission is to provide every homeless shelter kid an opportunity to celebrate their birthday just like a normal child.

Does your organization have a nonprofit tax ID? We are currently working with Abode Services, as the parent shelter organization, for all donation purposes. If needed, a non-profit id can be provided to you.

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